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Developer: Leaflock
Latest Version: 1.30 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Electrician is a game that will allow you to feel the full charm of the profession of the same name. If you once had a dream to master this specialty, then in this puzzle you will be able to fully translate your desire into reality and become one of the most professional and skilled electricians.

There are several levels in the game, but any of the locations has the same task - to conduct electricity so that all the houses in the game light up in the windows. A special field is intended for the game process, it is filled with various details, mechanisms, elements. Working with them, you must turn every detail in the right direction to create the correct line for the transmission of electric current through it. The house that you connected without error will immediately light up in yellow.

Gradually, with increasing levels of difficulty, both the size of the playing field and the number of houses placed on it will increase. Each level is allocated a certain amount of energy. If it ends earlier than you connect all the houses, you will need to pass the level again. Therefore, you should especially carefully monitor the energy consumption, without making any erroneous actions, mindlessly spending it. In addition, moving to a new level in the game, you will encounter the fact that the houses are located most inconvenient for carrying electricity, energy is released less and less, the number of elements is growing. You need to carefully think through every step in the game to prevent the level from being repeated.

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