South Park: Phone Destroyer for Android

MOD Unlimited Attacks PvE + PvP
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Latest Version: 3.3.0 update 3 weeks ago
System: Android +
Age: 16+
Size: 91 Mb
South Park: Phone Destroyer is a card game for smartphones and tablets. Her main distinguishing feature is the style of performance. The game was created by the same cartoon series, which has a peculiar, but powerful humor. Absolutely free project. It really is. If almost all other games of this genre have a built-in store or at least advertising, then in South Park: Phone Destroyer there is nothing of this. It seems that this is something from the realm of fantasy. But no. This game is an element of the advertising campaign of the new season of the series and a large game for the PC. Graphics, as in the cartoon. In the films and episodes of the TV series “South Park”, the picture is not very elaborate, just like the animation. Therefore, the developers were able to transfer the characters and scenery locations to the game without any distortion. There are 2 modes in South Park: Mobile Destroyer. The first - the plot. In the process, the player needs to: move around the city map, engage in fights with computer-controlled players, accumulate experience and improve maps. The plot here is straightforward, but at some points it can be fun. The appropriate mode is great to pump and learn to play.

The second mode is the battle with real people. By running it, you can show everything that is capable of. Access to this mode opens upon completion of the first episode of the storyline game. The battles themselves take place in small city locations. With the accumulation of energy, the player throws cards on the field, after which characters appear on it who are trying to overcome the heroes of the other team.

Everyone plays a role. The game has 4 types of maps: tank, magician, shooter and warrior. All characters differ in a set of characteristics and abilities. As you progress through the story gamers are given more and new maps. The result of the battle depends on 3 factors. The first is how wisely a player throws heroes onto the field; the second is how well the cards are pumped; the third is how timely the gamer uses the special abilities of the characters. SP Phone Destroyer is a fun game that allows you to become a participant in the insane adventures of the characters of the world-famous cartoon series.
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