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Category: Games
Developer: Oxiwyle
Latest Version: 1.2.45 update 2 weeks ago
System: Android 4.1+
Kievan Rus belongs to the genre of global strategies. The game covers a long period of the Middle Ages. You have to lead the state, develop its economy, culture and politics. Your task is to make Kievan Rus an influential and prosperous state. To do this, you have to defend your interests on the battlefields of the tribes of barbarians, the queen of the seas - England, influential France and the powerful Roman Empire. The game has more than 35 medieval states.

The game provides many resources and opportunities so that you can prove yourself as a wise ruler and brave commander. To develop and strengthen the economy, you can create laws, appoint commanders of fleet and land forces responsible for collecting tribute, and building new facilities to key positions. Produce food, equipment for the army, trade with other states. These actions will strengthen the economy and military power of Kievan Rus. A strong economy makes it possible to defend their land from the attacks of enemies, to act in the interests of their state — to conduct reconnaissance and sabotage attacks, to expand territories by conquering and joining other lands. In a word - you are a ruler, you and decide how to act.

Exciting and fascinating, based on real historical events, the game won the hearts of people from different parts of the world. Join now! Create your story!

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