JCheater: Vice City Edition for Android

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Category: Games
Developer: Net Tech Development Ltd
Latest Version: 1.7 update 3 days ago
System: Android 2.3+
Everyone remembers GTA Vice City on their computers, because thanks to her, almost every boy could feel himself a dangerous gangster. She has many missions, an interesting plot and funny remarks. However, it is impossible to forget the difficulty of passing certain missions, since sometimes you had to sit for hours to complete the next “business”. GTA Vice City Cheater will simplify the tasks. Now the player can go through missions much faster and the process itself will be much easier. Additional features will accompany the player and after the completion of the mission, which means they can be used at any time. It is important to remember that cheating abuse undermines the interest in the passage of GTA Vice City, so you should not constantly play with them. This legendary game will give a lot of happy moments, because it will make you remember childhood.

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