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Category: Apps
Developer: Евгений Михайлов
Latest Version: 8.0 update 3 days ago
System: Android 4.1+
The program Electronics for devices on Android OS was created by Russian developers who really understand the laws of physics and electronics. Electricians appreciated the quality of the performance of this software. With the help of Electronics it is possible to study in a clear language a variety of phenomena and subjects subject to the laws of physics and electronics. A large amount of information is presented here on how to use microcontrollers in everyday life and how to program them for specific needs.

The application is not loaded with serious technical information, but, on the contrary, it can offer several creative inventions and interesting information. One of these is the process of creating color music, a smart fan, you can learn how touch displays work, etc. A large number of articles are presented on the basics of the interaction of certain objects and the processes between them.

Main features Electronics:

  • A large amount of information about electrics and some areas of physics.
  • Intuitive interface and nice design.
  • Lessons on the production of various devices.

Electronics is a quality information. ion soft with a pleasant usability of design. The interface is simple and intuitive to use, access to any information is not difficult for a user with a smartphone of any level.

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