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Developer: KB2 SOFT
Latest Version: 27.93 update 3 days ago
System: Android +
To the delight of numerous users, a unique application Car Expenses - Auto Costs has appeared, which will be useful for drivers seeking to keep control of all their expenses, and not on one fuel. You have the opportunity to make accurate records of all expenses for washing, parking, paying taxes, having done the minimum work in order to enter the required information in the appropriate box. The main work here is performed by the program itself, which is able not only to calculate expenses, but also to make a comparative analysis of expenses by months. The application has a simple interface with a well-adapted menu, so you will not spend a lot of time studying it. It also appeals to the fact that it is allowed to replace the design on any of the wide range of topics offered.

The main features of Car Expenses - Auto Expenditures include its ability to calculate all the necessary funds for more than 60 ready-made samples. tables, carry out proper planning of the necessary future actions, have in front of you an extensive catalog of used spare parts, which provides for leaving notes and notes that take into account various work with details. In the application, you will be able to control the detailed, summary and separate statistics for the calculation of fuel consumption and visually assess its remainder using clear charts. There is also a convenient travel calculator that you can use before (and during) your trips. The program interface is equipped with the ability to export and import the necessary information (TSV), as well as comfortable settings and 16 types of design. You can quickly add your reminders and synchronize them between devices, and advertising will not distract you, because of its absence.

Thus you can see that Car Expenses - Auto Expenses are better than their competitors because of the possibility of committing dual-fuel and universal calculations of fuel consumption, advantageous application of control of errors of the speedometer, as a result of changing some parameters of the tires and making predictions of the remaining fuel materials. Now you will be able to conduct an audit of expenses both on the day of payment and for deeper terms, and the formation of a detailed report on repair services will be useful to you when planning a sale.

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