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Category: Games
Developer: GungHoOnlineEntertainment
Latest Version: 17.1.0 update 3 weeks ago
System: Android 4.4+
In the "Three in a Row" genre, a combat puzzle Puzzle & amp; Dragons occupies a special place because of the unusualness of the main participants. The user has to perform various tasks and participate in team battles. Here the place of goodies is occupied by multi-colored monsters. Their main task is to clear the dungeons and find valuable treasures. However, these are not entirely simple tasks, as the characters are waiting for evil bosses, difficult enemies, traps, which is why they have to think about every step. A number of heroes are gathered in the squad. These are monsters related to specific elements. The interaction of elements is clearly manifested here. Water is stronger than fire, but the flame can incinerate the earth. Before collecting the squad, you need to learn these details. If you hesitate, then in a difficult hour the hero may not have a certain element. You can balance a squad both by chance and for money. The player is offered a menu for purchasing suitable fighters. The dungeons will be repeated endlessly. In this puzzle, the movement takes place along gray corridors, in which enemies jump out from all sides. Selection of enemies is made not by chance, their squad is always static. So download Puzzle & amp; Dragons on android and start hitting enemies right now!

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