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Q-Touch - the port of good old Quake, of course unofficial. Today it is unconditionally the best port of the legendary game. If for some reason you have not yet become familiar with the classics, I recommend downloading Q-Touch (Port of Quake) to android and correcting this annoying misunderstanding. Especially if you are a fan of shooters. This port contains both the graphic component of the original and its musical accompaniment, which is very important for fans of the series. It is also possible to customize the control: you can select the location of the buttons and their size, adjust the sensitivity of the analogs, or even completely - connect the gamepad. From the computer version of the game all sounds, objects, graphics and so on were carefully transferred.

Few people have heard of Quake, but if you are one of them, then we will explain - the game is the first fully three-dimensional shooter, and it is thanks to him that the e-sports originated and became as we know it. The game has a huge number of fans and several sequels of very different quality.

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