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Developer: Pocket Gems
Latest Version: 5.00.0+gn update 6 months ago
System: Android 4.4+
War Dragons is an exciting real-time 3D strategy game in which you need to defend your empire from regular attacks. In addition, you can join guilds and help other players in this business.

Game Features

Players will have to play as a hero born in an unusual family who has a unique ability - to communicate with dragons. However, it was not without a villain - an envious relative who kills almost all family members. Trying to escape from prosecution, the main character leaves his home with plans to form his own army and avenge the death of his family. In the early stages, the player will have only one fire-breathing dragon, who was given the name Draco, but even his strength will be enough to level the whole city to the ground.

Game process

First, the player will have to destroy enemy forces, in which the faithful dragon will help him, who not only flies over enemy buildings and pours fire on them, but also has various unique abilities. Having dealt with defenses, it is necessary to burn the central base of enemies. By capturing the terrain under your control, you will need to rebuild the base with the dragon incubator, which you need to provide food.

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