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Category: Games
Developer: Funzio Games, Inc
Latest Version: 1.55.300 update 7 months ago
System: Android 4.0+
Knights & amp; Dragons is an exciting game that combines an action style, exciting fights between Good and Evil, as well as excellent dynamics that keeps you in suspense.

Game Plot

The Dark Knight gathers a huge army of mythical creatures, to exterminate the human race and all references to it. The earth must be cleansed of these creatures. The hero is the representative of Good. He will unite under his leadership many brave knights to defend the people. Here a real war begins, which should end with the victory of one force: absolute evil or good. The main difference of this application is the presence of unique armor, weapons and various characters. You can create your entire arsenal yourself using 5 natural elements: water, earth, air, fire, and a strong human spirit.

Main stages of the game

real users from all over the world. Online multiplayer battle modes are available for the game, as well as duels. After completing the mission, you can get additional experience and pump over the capabilities of your character. The rewards are various elements that are converted into a new arsenal. With various combinations of inventory and the items obtained, you can get a sluggish armor;

You should fight for the trophies of Monsters, which are hidden in artifacts and located in labyrinths or dungeons. Modify and improve your hero. Already today you can begin your own journey to triumph and exciting adventures.

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