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Block Story is a game in which the world consists of blocks and various objects (animals, plants, etc.) created in the style of popular applications: Minecraft, SurvivalCraft. Here you can realize a very real world, showing your imagination: to build a house and ennoble the world around you, because you want it. Or maybe it will be an unrealistically steep skyscraper, which you can temporarily abandon and go exploring the streets, gorges, grottoes or go to fascinating scuba diving and get acquainted with the underwater world. You will meet different animals on your way, you will defend and save your life with all your might. The plot of the game block story can turn completely unexpectedly and it entirely depends on your imagination. So go into battle, fantasize, play and create fascinating worlds. How much it would not surprise, but even in such a toy there is a story story. It is not known for whom exactly the player will play, but it’s only clear that helping the player in all undertakings will be a very smart magician. This magician will in every way teach his ward all the intricacies that are only in the game, starting with the basic rules of digging and completing the baton with the construction of large and majestic structures. So, in order to start the excavation in the game, the player will have to hold his finger on the necessary block and after a certain amount of time, you will see a smaller version of the block, touching which player will take it into his own portable chest. As soon as it is six o'clock, and the blinding sun disappears over the horizon, it is worth being very collected, as the hideous creatures of the night and the terrible creatures crawl out of their shelters in search of food. In order to move without any problems at night, you will have to build a torch, and for the torch you will need one wooden block. Therefore, the very first mission will be the extraction of a tree, we search for it and quickly assemble it, after which we arrive at the magician, he will tell you about what you need and what you can make from the received materials.

To build a board you need to open your inventory and move the tree to a clean cell. After all the movements you have done, you need to find coal, since that material is the final ingredient for creating a working torch. This material can be found in shallow caves, where he collected, his player will be able to go to the assistant and create the final product. So, we climb into your inventory, move the board and coal ore to empty cells and pick up the finished torch. One such torch will not be enough for you to successfully live in this area, so the player will need new devices, and to design them you will need a special workbench. To create this item in Block Story will require boards, which, as before, are extracted from wood. By constructing a workbench, the player will be able to create weapons for himself that will help protect the house. At the very beginning, create a sword, a pickaxe for the rapid extraction of rare resources and so on. Having a very high-quality and understandable training, you can take the first mission, which says that you will need to destroy several dangerous spiders, and in return you will be given a baby dragon, which you will follow in the future.

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