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Category: Games
Developer: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Latest Version: 3.0.27463. update 2 months ago
System: Android 4.4+
Age: 3+
Size: 63 Mb
Angry Birds Epic RPG - Would you like to play Evil Birds on your android? You are welcome! Angry Birds Epic is made on the RPG principle as a turn-based strategy. Heroes of the story are well known to all. The action takes place on a large island with many different locations: dark caves, wild beaches, high mountains ... You will have to fight with evil and nasty pigs, and defeat their most important chief of the royal family. The Adventures of Evil Birds will not leave you indifferent!

Rovio Studio does not let the birds, who brought them a huge audience of users, go on a well-deserved vacation, and each time they send these guys to a new battle with sworn enemies in the face of pigs. This game is called Angry Birds Epic and the player will again have to meet with long-time acquaintances who managed to become symbols of the mobile game industry. Although the main characters in the game remained the same, but the project genre has slightly changed. Before users presented some kind of RPG. Most likely, developers want to create games for every taste, since both races and logical games have already been presented. In this series, our old friends will learn a new format in the face of the heroes of the fantasy world. These characters will transform into valiant wizards, warriors and other personalities, without whom you can’t imagine a real story. Although the story of the game does not shine with special originality, everything in this series remains exactly the same. As before, the king of all pigs wants to steal bird eggs, which was fulfilled by his faithful servants. There is nothing left for the poor feathered as to set out on a hike, and begin to avenge their offenders. Actions will unfold on a distant island, with the most versatile locations, sharpen your attention on this, in the future you will have to take into account all the peculiarities of the location of attacks on pigs in order to get the much-desired victory, because there is also the possibility of crafting items very much.

If you have already plunged into dreams of an open world, freedom of movement and dynamic battles against enemies, then we will have to upset you a little, everything is much simpler than it seems. Your whole journey through this world will be divided into separate levels, each of these levels represents one battle. On the left side there will be your feathered friends, on the right side there will be pigs, and then the battle will begin. Important conditions before the entry - the game is step by step, with the use of various talents of your wards. To control the characters involved a simple system of swipe movements and touches on the screen, for the attack you just need to swipe your finger from the desired bird to the enemy, and your fighter will do the rest for you. You can also apply a particularly powerful attack, feeding your ward hot pepper, which will include a special ability. By the way, so that there is no unnecessary confusion in abilities, it is enough just to hold your own finger on the right bird, and after a while all abilities will appear in front of you. In order to win the battle, you need to survive even though one feathery, after that you can pick up the reward without any problems by rotating the special drum. The more stars you manage to earn, the bigger your prize will be. The visual part in Angry Birds Epic in every way brings back memories of the past series, that is, everything is designed simply and concisely. The overall style of the picture is animated. This style may not be to the taste only because of its simplified animation of movements, but this is not particularly important, so it is not necessary to consider this as the main disadvantage of the project.

Download Angry Birds Epic RPG

Installation game with cache:
  1. download apk and archive (with OBB) files;
  2. cache for the game unzip the archive folder into /sdcard/android/obb/
  3. install apk;
  4. launch the game.
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