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Developer: Candy Rufus Games
Latest Version: update 3 weeks ago
System: Android 2.3.3+
SurvivalCraft is an application in the style of such popular games as: Minecraft and Block Story. The plot of this game lies in the fact that you get to the island, where no one has gone before. In order to survive in conditions that are unfamiliar to you, it is necessary to show both agility, and wit, and courage. You have to solve a lot of research problems, as well as be a seeker. You will come up with the most possible and impossible options for finding resources for living. The player is waiting for exciting and intriguing tasks. You need to quickly build yourself a hut in which to hide from wild animals, it will also be necessary to build traps and traps in order to get food for themselves. In general, the life of a primitive man is what awaits you in this game. And one more little surprise - the day on the island lasts extremely quickly, and you have a little time to complete all the tasks before dark. Perform tasks, get bonuses, buy weapons, build houses and equip the island as you want.

Survival Craft is a project of its own kind, in which you as an adventurer, you need to look for useful resources, building material, to build mansions for themselves, to design special tools, to engage in fishing and other, equally important things in life. Since the project has a change of day and night, you need to remember that at dusk, you will need to find shelter, and it is better to construct it until this moment. With the onset of dark time, wild creatures will begin to roam around the island, a meeting with which can end with the death of the main character. As for the functional features, the one-piece version of the simulator survival craft offers a more complete set, and in the other nuances the game is a quality copy of Minecraft. Those users who have already met with this kind of games will easily understand the peculiarities of the gameplay, and from the very first minutes they will find something to do.

On the island itself you can go to an interesting study, get useful ones fossils, create powerful weapons and all kinds of mechanisms. Also here you can go hunting and build the most dangerous animal traps. In order to stay alive at twilight time, you need to get fire and a roof over your head. The graphics of the project Survivalcraft is framed in pixel 3D, it is possible to change the camera mode of the hero. Construction possibilities will be limited only by your imagination. The world consists of pixel cubes and is modeled absolutely in a chaotic order, based on this, each location will not be similar to another. It is required to be incredibly careful, because if you do not build a hut in time, then you will have to start from the very beginning.

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