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Latest Version: 4.11.8 update 4 months ago
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SD Maid is a program that helps you to remove everything that is superfluous from your smartphone and does not leave residual files that will clog your phone’s memory. With the help of the above application, you can significantly improve the performance of your gadget. It will change before our eyes - it will become more nimble and capacious, which is good news.

The program is one of the best representatives in its field. It helps you quickly scour the entire system, and wipe out unnecessary garbage. The same operation can be carried out with already loaded programs. By the way, it can either erase installed programs or clean them from those files that sometimes appear during the operation of the application itself. This software included a simple file manager, which, if the user has root-rights, will provide an opportunity not only to carry out simple operations with the file system of the smartphone, but also to work more deeply with it. Also, the software can find duplicate data on a smartphone or it can find the most powerful files that consume the most free space on the memory card. Tasks such as cleaning files, programs, games, and database maintenance of a smartphone can be configured separately, and they will be turned on only at the time specified by the user, and cleaned automatically. The application itself is pleased with a simple and not too colorful interface, which does not use a lot of resources in its work.

SD Maid - Cleaning the system better than other cleaners of the system will be able to cope with an unnecessary smartphone “ junk ", and keep the machine in perfect condition for a long time. To clean the entire system, you will need to select the desired category and click on the “Check” button. There will be several options - either you erase only one item, or by clicking on the "Clear All" button, you completely clear the memory of the smartphone. To work with data, use a special explorer, because it is a full-featured and multifunctional file manager.
  • Search for unnecessary information on your smartphone, comparing installed and unused programs.
  • The program analyzes the system in the most well-known directories for unused files.
  • Explorer its structure is the most complete file manager. Enable it to work in the system.
  • You can also turn on Search if you know the exact name of the file you need.
  • The system allows you to pause, re-enable and erase programs (even from the system list).
  • The system sd maid analyzes Your smartphone and filters directories that contain files not used by the smartphone. You
  • can create your own data filtering!
  • It is possible to refine and shrink an overcrowded database for quick access and freeing up space on the memory card.
  • Find files that are not needed by the system and find out that it takes up most of the free space.
  • Find the data that has been changed recently.

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