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GameKiller Modern games for mobile devices are often completely free, but it may seem so at first glance, since in a larger number of them the creators of these entertainments force the gamer to use various services for a fee. Of course, they do this not in an open form, but only occasionally hinting at optional purchases.

For example, a player includes the process of building a building in a strategic game. If you want it to be built in one second - buy a special acceleration in their store for the amount of real money shown. As it may seem, this is an extremely simple trap, but it works well, and the players invest their money. But how to increase the construction of buildings and not spend a single penny?

Just a program called the Game Killer, created by Chinese programmers, will cope with this problem. Game Killer is a quality equivalent of the legendary ArtMoney for computers. This is the real panacea that will save from complex games. With its help, in a matter of seconds, any player will be able to get play money, points, bonuses - everything he wants. In this version of the program there is a Russian language.
To change the ROOT, this resource has a good and proven program root rights Kingo.

Main advantages that you will get by downloading and installing GameKiller:
  • Very copes with the most cunning programmers quickly and without errors;
  • With the help of the program, you will forget about how to invest your material means in the game;
  • It has an enhanced ability to search even the most difficult to find values, it works with almost any game available on the Internet;
  • It has advanced instructions for the work itself;
  • It has a Russified interface;
  • The application is clear in the settings;
  • There is an advanced search for values by type;
The program also has negative aspects:
  • Mandatory availability of ROOT rights;
  • Occurs at times I'm on the screen advertising.
It is clear that you can ignore the “disadvantages” section, because without exaggeration, this is one of the most convenient applications for mobile devices, which you can quickly open the toys and not give them a lot of money and extra time. This software is the simplest solution and, probably, there are no other ways to search and it is not required. As it was said before, everything was arranged very simply and clearly, even a beginner will be able to open any desired values ​​in the game and change it.

How to use the program?
  • Download and enable GameKiller;
  • Go to any game that requires hacking;
  • Find what you will be hacking. For example, gold: in the search menu for this, type the amount of gold currently available;
  • Now change to any other amount of gold, as a rule, you need to spend it the main thing is that the second number should not be zero!);
  • Press the search button by the changed number (For example, you had two hundred coins, thirty you threw off , then we are looking for 170 coins);
  • After this, the application will give you a couple of final results, if so, change the values to the one you need.

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