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Developer: ClockworkMod
Latest Version: update 3 weeks ago
System: Android 2.2+
ROM Manager (rum manager) - with this application you can create backup copies of programs, manage the functions of downloaded firmware presented in the application from the Recovery page, manage the pleasant interface of the application using the ClockworkMod menu. You can download the ROM Manager program and use it using the SD card. You will also be able to receive constant updates and optimize the performance of your gadget.

Those users who want to work with the ROM Manager program must have several conditions before starting work. The very first thing is the presence of superuser rights on a mobile device, and the second condition is to have little experience in installing system software, because otherwise you risk losing your smartphone, followed by a visit to the service center. By downloading the free version of this manager to your phone, you will get a project that is slightly trimmed in terms of functionality. But it will also include in the general package the installation of the ClockworkMod Recovery program, a quick transition to the Recovery mode, downloading the firmware from a flash card, creating a backup of the system to a memory card, changing the rights for individual programs and creating system folders and directories on an external drive. By purchasing an enhanced version of ROM Manager, you get the opportunity to analyze the existing and download the new version of the Android system for your device, unlock the ability to create backups in automatic mode and remove annoying ads from applications.

In principle, absolutely anyone who even would work a little with this system, without any problems can create a data recovery point, which in case of an unexpected system failure can be used. In addition, ROM Manager allows you to carry out full formatting of the flash card, split it into several disks, download additional types of firmware and fully scan the operation of the operating system. ROM Manager has a huge package of features that put it in the first place among similar programs. And the interface is quite convenient for regular use. Another important advantage of ROM Manager is that it works with a huge number of tablets and smartphones on the Android system.

Main features of the rom manager:
  • firmware update using OTA technology;
  • creating a copy of the data with the subsequent possibility of restoring it;
  • correct installation of various firmwares;
  • practical interface;
  • complete cleaning the SD card and dividing it into disks.
  • From the negative features of this product, you can but to list only the lack of a full translation, and the variety of advertising banners, which covers almost half of the console.

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