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Developer: Cartoon Network
Latest Version: 1.5.2 update 4 weeks ago
System: Android 2.3+
Ski Safari: Adventure Time is an entertaining adventure-style toy. You will go on an exciting journey with Finn - the main character and his brave friends. You can make of your heroes the evil dead or brave knights. It all depends on your imagination. The goal of the game is that you have to move along the slopes of the mountains, which are covered with snow. Often for this you will need to show courage and dexterity, as you have to jump on the slopes and through deep gorges.

The game is a real hybrid of the world-famous Ski Safari arcade and cartoon picture called Adventure Time. From the arcade gameplay was taken, and from the cartoon developers have borrowed the main characters and image format. The gameplay is very clear - the lead character is trying in all possible ways to escape the huge avalanche flying at him, picking up gold coins and knocking out points for the allotted playing time. In fact, the project is endless, the process is completed only at the moment when the user is under an avalanche - at this fateful second the number of points received will be recorded, and the results will be sent to the list of records.

Besides the lead character in the project there is and minor persons who also “carry away the legs” from the impending avalanche and can follow you along the way. To gain more speed, you can sit on an animal that can be played by a wolf, a penguin, and even a real yeti! ter local terrain and obstacles standing in the way - if you hit a stone or improperly stand up after a big jump, the character will lose the ability to move for a while, making it an easy target for an avalanche flying from the slope. with all sorts of bonuses, each of them helps to buy something.Gold obtained during the game can be spent in the store to refine the characters' abilities, gain access to other locations, and so on.

Magic atmosphere in Ski Safari : Adventure Time begins to be felt from the very first maps, generously painted with bright colors. Also cool graphics is not inferior to the animation of the characters, thanks to which these characters look like living. The overall color of the project is complemented by a good voice, which enlivens everything that will unfold in front of the audience. When you collect game coins during the passage for the purchase of additional features, be extremely careful with their choice. This could be a cool game location, a revision of the character or something else. When deciding what to buy, try to choose the right thing for yourself, and not just spend your savings. For example, the acquisition of a new card is best left for later and in its place to acquire an improvement in the hero’s speed indicators.

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