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Developer: madmack
Latest Version: v2.9.13 update 4 months ago
System: Android 2.3+
FolderMount (Folder Mount) - using this application on your android, you can easily move games to a memory card, which will not pollute the main memory of the gadget. The program is extremely clear and easy to manage. You will only need to fill in a few items and do everything indicated in the instructions. This is a very necessary product to date, which will help you increase the free space on your smartphone by transferring information from third-party programs and games to a flash card. The main advantage of the application is that during its work it does not affect the path to the files that was entered in the application itself. After the transfer of information, it creates an image of files in the smartphone, but the information itself is stored on a flash card. The result is that the image takes only a few megabytes and is located in the memory of the smartphone, and the "main" content is located on the SD-drive and does not take up extra space. Using this product does not deliver errors to the device in operation, unlike those that completely transfer content to a memory card and edit the path to the files.

The process of transferring information using this program from the phone’s memory to an external card is extremely simple and is understandable. To begin, select the desired application, the final place for the transfer, and wait for the time allotted for the transfer. After this manipulation, all information will be listed on the memory of the smartphone, but is on the flash drive! You, by the way, do not need to carry out all the maneuvers yourself - a specially created function for analysis will help you choose the places most suitable for moving the application, and then send this information to the smartphone owner. Download the application on your android, and deal with the problem of lack of space on your device!

You should also be warned that to complete the work, the product will need to have the rights of the main administrator on the device, and the software will not be provided to obtain this access. Therefore, in order for the program to start working well, you will have to “take care” of the availability of solutions on your mobile device, which will be provided by Root access. The Folder Mount software package includes a simple and practical manager that will facilitate the process of creating new images on your smartphone.

How to use the FolderMount program:
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  • Activate the new folder for the mount (icon in the upper right corner of the screen);
  • In the menu that opens, fill in the required categories;
  • The menu will show three items:
  • The first item is the new name of the mount point; ("Name")
  • The second item is the path to the directory you want to move; ("Source").
  • The third item is the place where our information will be located after the mount to the flash card ("Destination");
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  • After filling in the above categories, click on the check mark in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, the process of information transfer will start;
  • After that, we confirm the end of work by clicking on the pin icon, and after this manipulation your information will be finally mounted.
  • Download FolderMount [ROOT]

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