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Developer: Vadim Lopatin
Latest Version: 3.2.31-1 update 1 month ago
System: Android 1.5+
Cool Reader (Cool Reader) is a very handy application for people who read a lot. The program has a huge variety of settings that allow you to choose the background, text style, size of letters. The program supports a large number of formats of books zip, .txt, .doc, rtf, .epub, chm, mobi, pdb, .prc. Reading is facilitated by auto-browsing, a handy list of recent open books. The application has many useful features that will add pleasure to fans to read. Cool Reader is a software for reading books of absolutely any format on an Android mobile device. Several innovations have been added to this type of program, which make working with textual information more convenient, even with huge amounts. During the reading period, a line will be shown in the upper half of the display, which will not only allow you to find the required phrase in the general text, but also familiarize yourself with the content of the material with one click.

Users will be presented with the conversion and editing function. There are several modes for reading. They help to correctly change the brightness of the backlight and other display elements. The interface is simple and does not force you to study tons of study material. In addition to the above, the Cool Reader application has been specially designed for easy to use text search interface, as well as individual phrases in downloaded texts. Own data manager shows the exact number of stored books in a particular directory, it allows you to quickly find the text you want. However, it will be possible to return to the material needed at the moment through the section “Recent Books”. Supported flipping in automatic order. The speed can be changed in the process of working on the text through the pedal to change the sound volume. In order to change the usual voice, which deals with the voice acting of the Russian text, you need to download SVOX and set the voice that you like most.

The main features of the Cool Reader project:
  • The function of inclusion of pronunciation dictionaries for text data in Russian and other languages;
  • By activating the "selection mode" the user can create a copy, edit the text, send feedback, send the copied text via e-mail;
  • Recognize absolutely any form mat data encoding;
  • Read and display e-books such popular formats as <- - dle_li!>: doc, txt, fb2 pdb, rtf, prc. This is not a complete list;
  • Animated transition from one page to another (the effect of working with this book);
  • Different variations of data display (skins give the book the look that you like more);
  • Reading text out loud (this function like young parents whose children have not yet learned to read on their own);
  • Changing the font size of the test information (quick formatting will not only transfer the selected words correctly, but also enable change the background) ;
  • The function of unpacking archive data of rar and zip format.

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