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Developer: Mobile_V5
Latest Version: 2.9.7 update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Music Player Pro is one of the newest players on your android device. It has a myriad of all sorts of functions that will make listening to music even more enjoyable. The player has such useful features as automatic adjustment of the cover, there is a browser available to view the video. You can also create folders with music. The interface of the application is simple beyond recognition.

PlayerPro Music Player is the best music player, the appearance and functionality of which will surprise even the most fastidious music lovers. Synthesis of gray shell and lime buttons fascinates the eyes, all keys are of normal size and practical to use. Also, the appearance of the program will be to do it yourself. Directly from the application itself, or in Google Play it will be possible to download a bunch of covers of various colors and shapes. When choosing, you will need to look at the version of the program, because the player has a lot of them, and they are supplemented each time, so the old versions may not work on your smartphone. For optimization for your needs, PlayerPro can sit more than one day. Such a variety of settings, and the incredible flexibility of changeable parameters, can be found only in the most advanced applications.

Simple sorting of audio recordings allows you to display information about albums, performance style, songs, and much more. In the arsenal there are customizable widgets and a distinctive locking screen, which can be redone by the user in his own way. The sound quality is top notch. And for music lovers you can download the plugin from the application itself. With it, adjusting the sound will be much better, and adjusting the program to yourself will not be a big deal. By the way, the application also supports non-archived data. The player can be controlled using any possible headset, from the cheapest headphones to Air Pods. The version is initial and works one month. Further, when the program is activated, a purchase window is displayed to the user. But this window will not interfere with the work. Even after the end of the battery life, the window can be removed by clicking a single key, no lock will follow. Most likely this fact is a flaw, but it is even good.

The main features of the Music Player Pro application:
  • Flawless sound reading quality;
  • Great possibilities in customizing the main page;
  • Advanced equalizer and reloadable plugins;
  • Quick activation;
  • Huge update options;
  • Own widget;
  • Easy to manage data library;
  • < ! - dle_li ->
  • Easy and quick installation;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Russian version of the music player pro.

Users are highly recommended to do the data library cleanup, and download it on a new one once a month. Sometimes after a month of continuous work, the music player pro program can sometimes get buggy in terms of the interface, and updating the audio recording page completely solves this problem. If you have been looking for the best application to listen to your audio recordings, then you have found it!

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