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Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Latest Version: 5.5.3 update 1 month ago
System: Android +
Nova Launcher (new launcher) is a cool shell for your android Ice Cream Sandwich and JellyBean. Management has become even simpler and clearer, and the speed of the launcher simply can not but rejoice, as it has become even higher. There are new features - it is to put the widget in the dock (root is required), change and choose from the already existing sizes
If you do not go into a long description, the Nova Launcher is the perfected Android 4 desktop version 4. The appearance is very similar but this is the only coincidence. In terms of its quality of work, this project comes out on top, giving its owner feel the full power and speed of the mobile device on the Android system.
The application in the most loaded mode will spend no more than fifty megabytes of RAM memory. This feature will not give a drawdown in performance even on older mobile devices. Launcher will provide work such as ADW, Go, which flings open the doors to an extensive selection of background images and desktop icons. It should also be said that the project has the function of replacing the color palette with any other that you like. But this launcher will not be able to show users something non-trivial. As mentioned above, the Nova Launcher Prime is nothing more than a doped main screen of the Android 4 version.

The project has absolutely everything that the average smartphone user will need. I was very surprised that the program will be able to create not only shortcuts to programs and games, but also to their functionality. Thus, for example, you can create a shortcut to the date and time, going around the entry in the Clock option. It is also necessary to say the possibility of displaying on the labels of the counter of incoming messages, as well as missed calls. The optimal operation of the application will be achieved in the event that the smartphone will have at its disposal a processor from 800 MHz. With a lower frequency of the program will be accompanied by delays. In a general sense, the smoothness of the transition is at a good level, although it is not ideal: with quick start-up, some sharpness can be seen right-left.
Well, let's talk about the overall functionality of the new launcher. It has everything that can come in handy. You will even have the opportunity to create a widget on a function. For example, you can create a widget for a stopwatch skirting the category of hours. It is also possible to display notifications on shortcuts, but you will meet with it yourself.

Key features of the new launcher:
  • Adjusting the dimensions of the icons;
  • Adjusting the icons of folders;
  • You can change the number of panels and icons on it (from one to seven);
  • Sub-items such as: everything, new, downloaded will be located in the application panel;
  • Adjustable main table grid;
  • Create folders on the main screen by moving one shortcut to another.

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