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Latest Version: 4.38.0 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Age: 12+
Size: 54.91 Mb
The main acting character in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, a man named Homer, still managed to mess things up while working, and destroyed an entire city called Springfield. And everything happened due to the fact that this guy did not keep track of the nuclear reactor, which exploded after overheating, as a result of which the city was destroyed. Now our lead character will have to gradually rebuild the destroyed house. Only now, before that, you need to find your friends and comrades, otherwise he alone will not cope. In order to find true friends, you will need to complete several special missions. As a prize for these tasks, you can get a loyal assistant, donuts, or a monetary reward. Pink donuts will be the local equivalent of food, and will also be responsible for restoring the strength of the main character. What to do with the game currency, of course, and without explanation. And if you still have questions then they will need to be spent on the restoration of the old settlement. It is not difficult to get game money in your piggy bank, it is enough to carry out these missions and then receive rewards for them. What needs to be noticed in the game is the ability to perform tasks not only for Homer Simpson, but also for minor characters. Moreover, the more difficult the mission will be, the more game currency can be earned at the exit.

The graphic component will completely duplicate the legendary series about a funny little family. All the characters worked flawlessly, and all of them are complete copies of the original source. Colorful landscapes add to the project a greater novelty, which in the past helped the game to reach the highest pedestal of construction simulators. The construction of structures will spend players at different times. Some of the buildings can be built in a couple of minutes, while others will have to spend several hours or even days. In order to somehow reduce the time of this process, you can pay donuts, with which the construction time will be halved.

Each game mission will be rewarded with a reward with which you can earn not only a faithful friend, money and food, but also a valuable gaming experience. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to quickly gain a large level, because the number of this experience per mission will be accompanied by a minimum amount. And the higher the game level of your ward, the more chances are open for the future passage. It should also be said that it is not necessary to spread glaze donuts to speed up construction. They are the second game currency, more valuable than money. For a certain number of these sweets, you can buy rare items that you can not get in a simple in-game store. So, at the very beginning it is better to spend your free time and save on valuable resources.

The main advantages of The Simpsons: Tapped Out:

  • Ability to build a city from scratch;
  • Completion of the most varied tasks in the complex;
  • Bonuses and prizes for completed quests;
  • The most recognizable characters of the legendary series;
  • Original graphics and many other interesting details.
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