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Latest Version: 3.4.4 update 3 months ago
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Assistant: this is a personal assistant on android, which has already conquered millions of users. This talking assistant answers questions using natural language. It searches for information, launches applications and performs work with various Internet services: Google, Facebook, Yandex, Twitter, etc.

Download this application for free and install a new assistant on your smartphone that will help you find the necessary pictures and news, find places of interest on the map, send SMS messages and letters, tell the weather, make a call, and help you to do many other things. Just tell or write what needs to be done. The assistant will determine what is required of him and get down to work. You can choose your appearance for your assistant and decide who you want to see - the complete wisdom of an old man or a charming brunette.

Program Features:
  • Simple Communication ;
  • Messages and calls;
  • Navigation;
  • Internet search;
  • Description of things /people /places;
  • Switching bluetooth and wi-fi;
  • Calculator;
  • Opening sites and applications;
  • Translator;
  • Working with tasks and calendar;
  • Update twitter /fac statuses ebook.

Assistant is a real assistant on Android smartphone, which can give voice orders in different directions, for example, change the alarm time, open the desired program, turn on the navigator or find the answer to the question you are interested in.
The program has at its disposal three different widgets for the main screen, by clicking on which you can ask any question, or you can order to perform some action. The product will work only when the Internet is enabled on the phone.
Just by one order, a person will be able to find his own location on the map, turn on the desired game, set the correct time and time zone. This helper greatly simplifies smartphone management and eliminates unnecessary searches for buttons and tedious typing in search programs. Now, with this helper, information about the weather, as well as news from the world of cinema and fashion, will be available to you. The user can find out in which direction the nearest cafe is, find out the latest political news, world news, the dollar rate, and notes in the diary. The program will be able to calculate simple math problems. When it will be very sad, then the Assistant will make you company, and even amuse you by telling an interesting story. You can also change the appearance up to the choice of wardrobe or facial features.
To all of the above software is a polyglot and already today is fluent in five languages, and this list will be regularly updated. But the rapid development of languages ​​does not end its capabilities. The user will be able to teach the program his manner of speech, and she will understand and fulfill all requirements with lightning speed. Now you will not be bored and you will not be late and you can. Controlling all the actions of his master, the assistant will make sure that all your plans conceived in life.

Key features of the program:
  • Working with such famous portals as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • The user will be forever spared from unnecessary keystrokes, as well as unnecessary transition from one page to another.
  • Several handy widgets for the working screen. Using these widgets will enable the application much faster.
  • Completely Russification of the product.
  • Integration with the most common search engines.

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