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Category: Apps
Developer: Avito.ru
Latest Version: 55.5 update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.0.3+
Urgently need to find a free apartment, buy a computer, or throw an ad for the sale of cars? All this is not done very simply, especially when you have a mobile application called "Avito". The program was developed relying on the work of the official site with the same name. You can navigate within a few minutes to the location of the available ads. First, the user will need to find the region, then log in or register, and after that go to the section that is required. If supplemented with any image, it will be shown. Management is simple and practical, anyone can navigate in it. The ads load in a couple of seconds, which is much faster than in the browser itself.

Avito is an additional Android application of a common service that is the largest bulletin board in the Russian Federation. Absolutely any user will be able to post their own ads on this portal, and an impressive selection of categories of items exchanged and sold, which will give you the opportunity to place the right ad about anything - from electronic devices and ending with beasts. This service owes its fame to the fact that it provides a good search for the desired items and fast navigation through the contents of a virtual newspaper. It will be very easy to manage all your ads in Avito - you can change, remove and even suspend their display at any time. It’s good that the interface of the service is very simple and clear; even a novice user can understand its features. Ads that have been left by other people, the user will be able to save to the favorites section, as well as save the seller’s contacts for himself, and even chat with him within the system.

Avito.ru is the site where about one thousand new announcements of everything that you can buy, exchange and hand over are put up every hour. For normal access to the service, it was necessary to go into the browser and from it already climb into the system. Now, the above service is available for every Android smartphone owner. The user will no longer need to search for a particular ad on the Internet for a long time. More than five million ads are already available in the public domain, right from the smartphone screen. Directly from the board of goods you can send a letter or call the right seller, which is very simple when you see your favorite thing. It is possible to display widescreen images from the pages of ads. Naturally, apart from viewing, a person can also send out their ads, or use Avito’s personal account to submit ads without logging in to the system.

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