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Google Translator is an indispensable assistant that will translate everything you don’t understand into your native language. If you need to translate a phrase or word, then you can refer to this application. It translates and offers several translation options so that you can correctly insert the word in the context you need. The program is useful both for studies and for those who like to travel, and still very successful is the transportation of foreign sites and scientific articles, which are undoubted advantages in work and study.

To start working in the application, you will need to connect to the network. Download this translator for free on your Android smartphone, fully install it, turn it on, set up two languages ​​for typing and text translation: standard (keyboard), using voice and text recognition from a smartphone camera.
In the main grammnom menu will show two fields which are visually separated from each other feature. At the top is typing using the keyboard of the smartphone or handwriting that correctly recognizes what you want to transfer, and in one instant translates all the phrases you typed, which will be extremely convenient when entering long texts. At the top of the Google translator program, you can customize the language from which the word will be translated. Clicking on this button will display the menu for choosing a language from the displayed list, if the desired language is out of the access area, the user can load it by tapping the key opposite the language. The text information voice dialing feature in Google Translate makes it much easier process robots with a set of large texts in contrast to the personal computer. Words can even be drawn, if you do not like other forms of input. If the information is, for example, on paper, then you can simply take a photo of it, select it with your finger, after which the text will be formatted and translated into the desired language.

We describe some features of the Google Translate program ":
  • standard, manual input, voice dialing, as well as the ability to type text using the camera;
  • transfer to offline, if at the moment you do not have access to the Internet;
  • more than six dozen languages;
  • select multiple translation options;
  • displaying information on the entire area of the field, as well as sounding;
  • typing, viewing and analyzing typed text in Google translator without connecting to the network ;
  • quick online translation function as you type.

Of course All of the above features are undoubtedly necessary. But the main feature that distinguishes Google Translator from its counterparts is the input of information from the camera of a smartphone: we simply point the smartphone at the text that you need to analyze (an important condition, the text must be in block letters). For convenient work with this mode, you need a smartphone with a high-quality camera that can parse the smallest text. The program is really very necessary, and with all the variety of pluses and no minuses, simply irreplaceable.

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