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Developer: Google LLC
Latest Version: update 4 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
With the help of Google Earth you can see the whole world, you can virtually visit cities and walk around its streets, travel around the world. The photo guide will help you learn and discover new places on the entire planet, with landmarks, and much more. With the help of the “Wikipedia” layer you can learn much more information about the place or object that interested you. The Google Maps Gallery offers a wealth of interesting and useful information for virtual travelers. For example, you can find out the route of a particular flight by plane, or see a world map of earthquakes, and much more.

This is a multifunctional and incredibly beautiful projection of a ball. The program helps to view Google service maps and is the successor of the main features of Google Maps. Now the whole planet will be spread on your screen. An incredible amount of visual information was embedded into Google Earth, with which you will be able to view a variety of maps, right from the bird's-eye view. You can also “walk” in amazing countries and explore detailed pictures of interesting places. This is a real 3D model of the globe, allowing its owners to make amazing trips around the world.
This project does not require special recommendations for its person. The program for the most part was written by the developers in order to give any user a chance to look at the best landscapes of our world. Take a look at the amazing masterpieces of architecture and walk through the spacious streets of ancient cities. Each structure will be drawn in detail, and it will be done so qualitatively that you can feel the full color of what is happening on the screen. If you are thinking of going on a long journey, the program will tell you where to go and which places to pay closer attention to.

Main features of the Google Earth project:

  • You can turn on "street view";
  • Enable information from Wikipedia to learn more of the information shown. places;
  • the possibility of three-dimensional walks;
  • These photos of service users that are uploaded to Google Plus will be assigned to places on the main map;
  • Auto Mathematical display of images of the most interesting and famous places of the globe;
  • Locating a user on a map;
  • Installation of additional locations;
  • Regular updating of information using satellites.
  • Personal photoguide;
  • Google Gallery has a huge number of interesting places, such as the flight path of aircraft, maps of volcanic eruptions, and so on;

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