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CallRecorder (count recorder) is a handy application for recording any telephone conversations. The recording starts immediately when the conversation starts and turns off when it ends. If necessary, recorded calls can also be deleted. Ideally meets the needs of those who do not want to miss a single call to your phone. The recording is supported if Root is right and with a kernel that supports two-way recording (in the settings of the application, near this item, you must also check the box). If the phone does not have such capabilities, then in the settings you need to note “Record conversations through the standard Android API”, then Root rights will not be needed.

Sometimes we need to restore the information contained in the last call by phone, but such recording programs, most smartphones are not completed. After downloading and first turning on the application, you will be presented with a menu where you can select the appropriate topic for visual design and link your Google Drive account if you need to drop the created call records to the cloud.

Having chosen the settings you need, you can hide the program and do not hesitate to do your own work. The application will keep track of all calls in hidden mode in order to start recording a conversation at the right moment. A red dot in the status bar of your mobile device will notify users about this. After the call is completed, a message appears storing your record. At this point, you can add a description, if necessary. All created records appear in the Inbox directory of the Call Recorder application itself. In this section, they will be available to read, change notes, erase or save to the archive of the application for future use for their own purposes. In standard mode, in the Inbox directory, four dozen recent calls are stored, but this can be easily changed in the application settings. In this category, you can still select the audio file format, select those subscribers whose call will not be recorded, and also set the folder for saving the recording.

The Kol Recorder program is completely free to download, but also has a paid version that has additional package features. But as you already know, at work and user-friendliness, this does not have a strong effect.

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