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Latest Version: 32.0.2254. update 1 month ago
System: Android 4.1+
Opera Mini Browser (mini opera) - One of the many Opera browsers that many people think is the most successful and free. Incredibly super fast browser uses the latest technology of cloud compression of web pages, thereby speeding up their download. The main difference and dignity of Opera is that the application allows you to save on the mobile Internet up to 10 times. You will be surprised how your favorite sites such as Yandex, Vkontakte, Mail.ru, Google, Livejournal, Odnoklassniki will instantly spin up with the help of Opera Mini.

Opera Mini on Android allows you to now gives your users not only “wander” on the Internet, but also download data of any format from the Internet. You can also associate bookmarks with a computer version, subscribe to news feeds, study the necessary information offline, increase page size, etc. All of the above features you can fully appreciate after downloading the program on your smartphone. The internal interface will be intuitive to anyone. For convenient work with more than two sites, the program has the ability to save the desired tabs. It also supports work with all types and forms of touch displays, and the interface will each time be adjusted to work with buttons, or separately with a display. The functionality of Opera mini has been significantly enhanced with previous versions. Getting acquainted with various services and surfing the Internet was not so pleasant and cool. The browser in the literal sense of the word, will do everything for you.

The application without much effort will be able to play the role of a repository of information for the ability to protect data with a password that will be required to enter e-mail, social network, and other resources that require enhanced protection. For quick connection to the most visited resource in Opera Mini there is a very convenient Express panel. The installation and editing of the program itself is very fast and will not require complex system manipulations and in-depth knowledge in the field of writing programs from the system user. The browser will interest any users, and especially those who like to spend a lot of free time on the network, get acquainted with interesting data and lead abstruse conversations with friends. How to delete the selected bookmark from the "Express panel"? - A long press on the bookmark will highlight it among all the others, and then click on the “Clear” button.

Main features and improvements Opera Mini browser:
  • Opera browser now has a practical interface. This only emphasizes its basic qualities;
  • Resizing the main screen with your fingers, and quickly turning the page when surfing the Internet;
  • The user gets Opera Link, for more accurate synchronization of previously saved bookmarks, and other important information using a browser through a mobile device;
  • Interaction of the browser with such social. networks, like: Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, as well as the ability to transfer the necessary data to your friends;

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