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Useful application Shou.TV (Show tv) on android will be able to record everything that happens on the screen of your gadget. After that, the recording will be broadcast to other users via a specially developed platform (similar to Twitch). You can record your games, share videos with your friends, or view how other users are playing.
To visually appreciate the benefits of the application, you should get root-rights. In their absence, the user can view videos from other devices. Unlike many other applications, TV shows will not place watermarks on recordable video files. There will also be no broadcast of annoying ads. The Streaming tab contains records from other users that can be viewed at any convenient time. Thus, you have a great opportunity to watch the online broadcast of all games of other gamers who play similar games with you.

For those who like to play on stationary computers, there is a twitch program for a long time, as well as for owners of new generation consoles. But for owners of mobile devices, so far, there was no high-quality counterpart. Prior to that, it was possible to shoot the process of your game and in the future to dump information somewhere in the format of a single clip. Well, in this project, the creators decided to combine everything into one: if you want - remove, you want - show your gameplay online, and if you want - just follow the new broadcasts. The main menu of the TV show program and almost half of the navigation buttons are first and foremost tweaked and are needed for a common association of mobile device users: subscribe, rate, add flattering feedback, etc. Ultimately, there is everything that absolutely any player could boast of his own merits in the game, and only a beginner player could watch a cool video and learn something. As befits this kind of application, in the lower right of the screen there is a plus sign, from which the broadcast of the video recording will start, or just the beginning of the recording. The user can rename his own broadcast as desired, select the context menu, rotate the main screen and record quality. During the period of the show itself, it will be possible to turn on the front camera in order to turn on your own face during the broadcast period.

In the recording format, these settings are much larger and more advanced in terms of functionality. The user can choose the format mpeg, avi, etc., the source of the sound signal (internal, from a connected headset), and, of course, the quality of the recording (from 240r to 1080p). Referring to the fact that the TV show program is free and does not carry advertising (at the moment), you can not pay attention to the fact that you can not set your own watermark on the broadcast. Also, more advanced users may be alerted not very high quality sound recording.

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