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Category: Games
Developer: BGA
Latest Version: 6.4.2 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.1+
Words from Words - Try to use the displayed letters of the word to create the remaining words. Here is the most common example: if the word “words” is shown in front of you, you can get from it “owl”, “fat” or the word “oval.”
Very easy, but at the same time an interesting game that represents is a mix of words already prepared. By changing the order of putting letters and the words are composed, each of which will carry with him an exact amount of prize points, that is, the bigger it is in size, the more points your character gets. According to the final results of the contest, a special rating table between gamers is displayed in front of you. Also here there is the possibility of adding your own word for a quick start. An interesting and intriguing application also has a huge dictionary with options for fresh words. Adorable program for mental employment and quality replenishment of vocabulary. You can also play this game with your relatives or friends for more interest.

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