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Developer: Matt Groff
Latest Version: 1.10 update 3 weeks ago
System: Android 2.2+
Developers from the studio Batakang are engaged in the creation and installation of valuable assistants for the new generation of smartphones. They helped the owners of smartphones with writing complex scripts, emulating a huge number of projects, and even eliminated the problem of non-retractable or non-disabling root access, and also helps to work in the "Superuser" mode. The program, whose name Universal Unroot for the Android system, in one instant helps to remove the above-mentioned access.

The program helps very well in that situation when a smartphone broken for various reasons, needs to be returned back to a store or a warranty service center, and Root access is already loaded - for this you will need to take advantage of the main feature of the product and forget about problems forever. At that moment, when you need to remove the mode of the main administrator for a while, this product is not quite suitable - the operation performed by the program returns the smartphone to the stock options, and almost no tunable settings, so be extremely careful! Download Universal Unroot on the Android system can each user - the program is very practical, and mates with an extensive list of mobile devices and more overall tablets. The application will work according to the following principle: at the very beginning, give consent to the user's agreement, click on the Unroot key, restart the smartphone, and at the end get the desired result!
It often happens that getting rid of the rights of the main administrator is not so easy features, if you are not currently an advanced user of the android system. At the moment there are a large number of ways to remove the root of a mobile device, but most of them do not work with specific models, or ask for professional skills.

How to use Universal Unroot:

  • Download and install Universal Unroot on your smartphone;
  • Turn on the program;
  • Click on the key with the name “Unroot”;
  • Reconfirm the request and wait while the program will restart the device;
  • We also recommend after returning the stock settings of the smar Background check your phone for the presence of Ruth access
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And now I want to describe in more detail the work with the program. In order to reset root access, you only need to press the "Unroot" key. After this, the software will inform the user that the superuser's rights will be completely removed from the smartphone forever, and will ask you to confirm the decision. Click once on the “Yes” button and after that the process of returning the settings to the initial state will begin. Universal Unroot currently works on x86, ARM devices, and can erase root, installed from programs such as SuperSU, Superuser, Chainfire and ChainsDD. It is also worth knowing that in some moments, such as installing updates of the operating system, it is required not only to remove root access, but also to block the bootloader that was activated at the time of obtaining the above rights.

Download Universal Unroot

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