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Category: Games
Developer: QuickAppNinja
Latest Version: 7.178.2z update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.2+
4 Photos 1 Word on android - This toy is another full-fledged clone of this kind of applications that hang in huge numbers in various social systems. networks. You will be shown four images in which you need to pinpoint the word encrypted in them. In general, this logical game does not have any special innovations, because of which one could confidently select a game from a number of special ones, nevertheless, it can be safely given the title of the most attractive.
on the android system. Each player will need to solve a large number of puzzles, which will be added as regular updates are released. Download and enjoy brainstorming. This toy will quickly force your brain to function to its fullest.
  • The game was created in Russian only from the very beginning;
  • Fully functioning on various screens (on large tablets and on the most compact devices);
  • 100 most interesting tasks;
  • Difficult questions;
  • Quality photos.
The rules in this game are very simple, and it will be very easy to play. On the display of your device will appear four images. But each of them will have some kind of common connecting thread, and the user's task is to see this connecting thread and enter it into the displayed field. The application will provide for almost a thousand difficult levels, with new rounds being regularly uploaded. Finding the right solution for the submitted image in the network will be quite difficult, due to regular updates of the logical quests. To type the desired word in the text console, you need to enter this word with the help of yellow letters, and the subject itself will appear in the window. The next stage of the game will be to check the correctness of the set, and if the selected answer was wrong, then you will have to start over. In order to erase a typed letter from the console, you only need to click on it and the field will remove the letter itself. Every item you guessed takes you to the next stage.

Playing on a smartphone is as simple and convenient as if you were playing on a personal computer. Each individual image can be approached to a certain size and to consider any small detail. So, the gameplay is very interesting, and the only game minus is the work of the Internet, since without the network the application will not run. We advise you to create an account for each new user, since guest users have some restrictions on very important and necessary functions. Plus, creating an account will not take you a lot of free time, and you can enter as a full player through any social system. network. Registered players have a huge advantage in the form of gold currency and additional tips. At first, you are entitled to one hundred and fifty gold coins. In-depth passage of the game as a reward, you will receive two coins. If the user cannot guess the word, then he can easily use a hint, of which there are several types in the game.

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