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Category: Games
Developer: Fingersoft
Latest Version: 1.41.0 update 2 months ago
System: Android 4.2+
Age: 3+
Size: 62.49 Mb
Hill Climb Racing on android is a very high-quality platform toy in which you will have to go as far as possible on your car, occasionally doing bright and complex stunts, as well as picking up coins that you will find the road. The meaning of the game is to achieve the highest results. To do this, you need to successfully ride as far as possible and find as much as possible prize checkpoints, while you will run out of fuel. In the process of passing this game, you can pump the performance of your own car, using earned coins. Improving your car, you will create from it a real monster of off-road, which you can easily try on various unique routes, such as the Arctic, Rural, Moonlight, etc.

Managing this project is reduced to surviving a few buttons: gas pedal and brake. Since the car is equipped with rear-wheel drive, with a strong push on the gas pedal it will bring forward, therefore, applying pressure to the brake, the car will slowly but surely lower all four wheels. In order to get through all the cards in the game, the user will have to learn to feel this balance, and this mission is not quite simple.

Almost in each of the cards, there is a certain distance that the player will have to travel and not smash to smithereens. If at some point your machine rolls over onto the roof and the driver’s head meets the road, he will break the backbone, and we will have to pass the set level from the beginning, but the currency obtained in the round will not be lost, but will remain in the hero's piggy bank. After several successfully completed rounds, you can go to Hill Climb Racing to go to a special shop and properly pump your vehicle: engine, transmission, suspension, and other equally important parameters.

Today there are two dozen in the project locations that will be gradually opened in the course of advancement in the game, that is, for the received gold coins. All game rounds are unique in their own way, not only by their appearance, but also by the driving characteristics. There are maps that will extend in space, where the force of attraction is somewhat different. This will have to get used to well pass these levels. To earn extra gold during the game, you need to carefully try in the performance of beautiful somersaults on a typewriter. Most of these pirouettes end with a broken backbone of the main character, so it’s worth keeping this fact in mind. You can also earn gold by viewing a special video that lasts no more than fifteen seconds, and the creators of Hill Climb Racing, who give you the game, will give you as many as fifteen thousand coins, which should be given back to refine the characteristics of the car. If you have extra cash at your disposal, you can purchase additional gold for real currency, and the ads that will be shown in the main menu of the game will automatically disappear.
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