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Category: Games
Developer: ViperGames
Latest Version: 2.0 update 6 months ago
System: Android 2.3+
Stickman Warriors - You missed your childhood - then this game is what you need. You are transported to the best years. In the game you need to beat everyone and everything that comes your way and eyes. Such a good discharge for negative emotions. It is also very curious to observe this, thanks to the Physics of the Dummy, when you throw the villain and watch him fall. What you can do in the game will turn your head and exactly give you a charge of vivacity and energy. The effects and graphics are simply awesome in this game, and the sounds are quite realistic.
Studio, whose name ViperGames presents its viewers with a new development in the face of this game. In the application, users will have to spend several difficult fights by shadow fighters, using a variety of things in the attack. Users are waiting for incredible jumps, stunts that are based on pure physics, falling, flips, etc. Stickman warriors is decorated in a minimalist format so as not to distract from the gameplay of its users, who will have to focus all attention on the battlefield. Here, without looking at a certain caricature and gaiety, the heroes will fight each other to death, entering the arena “one on one” or more. The movements of the fighters are controlled by the on-screen joystick. Lead all movements have a finger. There is also a system of seizures, which makes it possible to grab and throw the enemy in the truest sense of the word. At difficult levels we will be given a killer weapon, which you will take in the corners of the ring. There are nunchaku, sharp swords and even firearms. In the final of any battle the player will have to wait for the boss with inflated characteristics and non-standard fighting style, so you have to adjust. It is in the battle with the leader that any weapon will come to your aid.

Having mastered the combat talents to perfection, the player will be able to move without any problems on the way from an ordinary student to a great master of martial arts, and will learn how to effectively and beautifully beat the enemy. Victory will go to the hero who will ultimately be able to destroy the enemy in the ring. In order to win, your hero will need to quickly move around the display, all the time attacking the enemy, and try to protect his own head from frontal attacks. At the initial stages of the arcade, the fighters will arm themselves only with their own techniques, the strikes of which will be the main striking force. As you move the fighters earn weapons. The victory over the main leaders will open to the user new features and other levels. The game of stickman variors will develop on several fronts at once. The player will be able to play as in the arcade mode with computer intelligence, or to clash in a fight, using one smartphone with his comrades. To become the best fighter, collect the most points, win and take with you daily prizes from the creators of the project. The most interesting of the existing game modes Stickman Warriors is considered to be a two-player mode. In this mode, you can have a great time playing together with your friends and testing the speed of your reaction. Let the game show which of you is stronger.

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