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Category: Games
Developer: Elokence
Latest Version: 7.0.6 update 1 week ago
System: Android 4.4+
Akinator (Akinator) - this fun program is able to read your thoughts and guess the character you have thought of. You just need to answer a few of his questions. Think of a real or fictional character in your mind and Akinator will surely guess it. But if he can't do it, then you win!

Have you ever dreamed of acquiring your own personal telepath? Now users have such a chance, with the Akinator the Genie app. In the main menu of the program, the player is greeted by a very friendly and cheerful guy who says that he will be able to guess absolutely any real or created character you conceived for a few questions. So remember any hero and go ahead, test the extrasensory abilities of the local character. A special feature (for the Russian language) is configured in the following way: we include absolutely any language instead of the included “supposedly” Russian, and after that we set our native language again. After that, the application will work like a clock. The whole point of the magic and telepathy of the great genie is that this hero will ask users various questions. These questions need to be answered with the help of the presented replicas that are in the lower half of the screen.

At the very beginning, the genie will try to guess the race, gender, identity of the person with various questions, but you can also recall some asexual humanoid from a forgotten comedy, which, however, will not be a barrier to gin. There are a lot of leading questions in the list of this robot (whether the hero died in the film, whether this hero can control the elements of the flame, etc.), for this reason, sometimes extrasensory sessions can last for a very long time. After Akinator has managed to guess your subject, you will receive a certain amount of game money, which can later be spent on the purchase of all sorts of cosmetic innovations in the appearance of our psychic and updating his information base. Visually, the program looks very nice, but advertising sometimes gives users some inconvenience. However, it will be disabled when making an in-game purchase for real money.

Game features of Akinator:

  • Internet connection or Wi-Fi access required;
  • Many languages ​​are available: Russian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese;
  • Akinator changed his studio and moved on to its first creator, so this will benefit future additions;
  • The program requires regular access to the Internet to use magical methods Nost;
  • The application supports seven different languages ​​
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