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Category: Games
Developer: Fiveamp
Latest Version: 4.21.0 update 6 months ago
System: Android 4.1+
Age: 3+
The Android system-oriented PickCrafter - Idle Craft Game (Peak Crafter) has a very familiar past player control, as well as a similar game theme - users all the time need to perform a lot of screen clicks, refine some equipment and masterfully open to edges filled with treasure caskets.

The colorfulness, atmosphere and unique style of Minecraft to this day torment the thoughts of various developers, makes it impossible to live and develop in different directions, for this reason on the Internet with probable activity out games based on building a sandbox mode "to stay alive". But the creators of this project have progressed much further, and have managed to combine the famous sandbox with the Cookie Clicker project. Ultimately, the game Peak Crafter came into being. It will be an incredibly difficult and dangerous journey. With all this, only a pickaxe is given to users to overcome all difficulties. You have to work hard in order to stay alive. Players will have to open an endless number of cases with precious materials, as well as constantly engaged in improving their uniforms. In this project, the basic ideas of Minecraft and Cookie Clicker were combined. The first is responsible for building the surrounding space, as well as tools for work, and building material, and the second is responsible for drawing up versatile mechanisms that facilitate the gameplay. In connection with this kind of innovation, it will be much easier and more interesting to engage in construction. In this case, it is important to keep track of your tool when processing new earth rocks.

The peak crafter for android will also work with a rather familiar form of control - we will also have to quickly press the display, open the boxes, and carry out the orderly pumping of equipment . Therefore, be prepared for endless "clicks" and the discovery of new materials. It's interesting that you can build the most ingenious traps and other inventions, only your imagination will be the boundary, since the game itself will provide all the missing details for creativity.

The user will be fully equipped with the most necessary things to go through, but to get these things you have to show all your knowledge. Upgrading is the most necessary element, but for this you have to work “tirelessly”. The application has a leaderboard in which absolutely any player can find out their current results and clash in a fight with other inhabitants of this dangerous world. All things and materials can be earned by hard work, or purchased through donated. But donat is not an obligatory component, and without it the game will not be less interesting. In general, the account is very interesting to play, the project rightfully deserves your attention. Peak Crafter will be a great addition to the family of sandboxes, and will be able to please you with new details that will appear for the first time.

Main features of PickCrafter:

  • Absolutely anyone can discover interesting abilities;
  • A variety of ammunition gradually increases your power;
  • Opportunity to clash in a battle with comrades, and become a champion;
  • There are five dozen levels to complete, which makes PickCrafter even more dynamic .
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