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Developer: Cartoon Network
Latest Version: 1.11.0 update 1 month ago
System: Android 2.3.3+
Card Wars-Adventure time Complete the game in the plot of the cartoon series “Adventure Time”! The toy is based on a series called “Card Wars,” and in it you will be waited by intriguing battles with the participation of all kinds of creatures and strong magic!
Earth Oooh and in combination one of the leading characters, played this fun and interesting game. Now, the player will be given the opportunity to play for Jake in an incredible fight against Finn.

Summon all sorts of creatures to your side and immediately send them into battle. A player can easily put together his own deck, of those cards that he liked the most. After a certain time, the card arsenal will be updated with new cards, which you can also include in your deck in the same way, putting them in place of less valuable ones. to increase the chance of winning.

Card Wars - Adventure Time offers all players a myriad of rounds. Each of them will be considered fully passed if the player is able to destroy every enemy, and experience and final prizes will be awarded depending on the loss on your part. There are also chests with gold coins, which will open up new types of game cards, and the presence of a card refinement system helps not only to buy, but also to create new heroes. To do this, players will need not only money, but also the most rare resources that will be found during the passage of the next mission. There are also special cards in the game that will make it possible to improve missions. All actions will unfold in step-by-step form and this allows gamers to calculate all their moves thoroughly.

Card Wars differs from other card projects by having cool cartoon graphics, and even in 3D. Each game character will be one hundred percent consistent with its prototype from the series. The game is distinguished by dynamism and some quickness in combat. The presence of mad dynamics in the project explains all the variety of special effects and high-quality animation work. Also in the game there is a donate. It is the presence of paid things that makes it possible to buy game cards and characters that will be very difficult to get. This can be considered the main disadvantage. Thanks to a completely free choice of abilities, the game will last a very long time. As described above, the entire gameplay is carried out in a step-by-step manner, which allows users to enjoy quality and reflect on their actions. Also in the battles of the Card Wars-Adventure time non-standard actions will wait for you, the secrets of which you will discover yourself.
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